get back to business quickly and safely

We all want to go back to work. With the glass panels of you are able to create a safe working environment. You want to offer your staff or your guests a safe environment? You want to make your workplace profitable again. Glass screens are the solution. A tempered glass screen exudes luxury, is durable, hygienic, scratches less than plastic and lasts longer.

Covid-19 / Corona

Given the developments in the field of Corona and the expectations and regulations that the government will set for each industry (how it will regulate safety and hygiene for staff and customers) corona screens or cough screens made of tempered glass are a sustainable and hygienic solution.

Modular with possibilities to expand

These glass screens are modular and can therefore be used for multiple applications. Whether it is a desk, a restaurant table, a standing table or a conference table, these glass screens can be placed whithout gluing or drilling on existing furniture and ensure that you can talk to each other with a hygienic glass panel between you and your table companion. You do not need to drill or glue; you can install the screens without damaging your table top. The screens are modular and expandable so that a suitable solution can be made for every table. It is also possible to make a pass-through under the glass.

This sustainable solution is easy to assemble, can be placed on existing furniture and if desired, be disassembled and stored for future use.

we will tailor it to your request

Various models for example: desk tables, conference tables, dining tables, bar furniture, standing tables, buffet tables, counter models, etc.

Dimensions of the screens?

In addition to glass screens for standard desk table sizes 80 x 160 and 80 x 180, you can specify the sizes. We can compose custom screens for you.

Please specify the length and width of your table, the number of screens you want and any details. We deliver to your location or you collect the glass panels from the factory. The glass panel screens are prepared for you in custom packages and are easy to assemble.

Tempered glass and anodized aluminum

The screens are made of anodized aluminum profiles in which a 10 mm facet cut tempered glass is placed. Ideal for the catering industry, offices, companies, healthcare institutions and government agencies.

Glass and aluminum are easy disinfected, cleaned and are more scratch resistant and hygienic than acrylic sheets. These solid and easy to install glass screens offer the solution in our 1.5 meter society!

A suitable solution for every size! Mail us. We are happy to assist you.